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EU Support

Development of new products

Project No.: J05-LVPA-K-03-0143
Start of the project: 2018 January
Planned end of project: 2020 June
Project goal: to increase the company's innovative potential
Project executed by LigoWave Technology, Ltd (Lithuania), also knowns as - Wilibox, Ltd (Lithuania)

Planned result: during the implementation of the project it is expected to create 12 products for telecommunications infrastructure market.

Project activities and benefits: during the project it is planned to invest in the R&D of 802.11ax product line. Creating new products and delivering to the market will increase the company's revenue and market competitiveness. The continuity of the project will contribute to the development of the industry and the engineering & education sectors globally.

Total project value: 2.3 million Euro
EU funds grant: 0,7 million Euro

The project is partly financed by the European Regional Development Fund under measure No. J05-LVPA-K „Intellect. Common business – science projects“ of priority axis 1 Strengthening research and development and innovation of the Operational Programme for the European Union funds’ investment in 2014–2020.

Contacts: project manager Mr. Vaidas Baronas, mobile +37065761188


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